Coated Cemetery & Garden Outdoor Silk Flowers
with UV Sun Block

We offer UV coated Cemetery and Garden silk flowers that will out last any other silk flower in today's market place. Our memorial and garden artificial silk flowers are made from the finest florist quality silks, and coated with a scented, flexible, durable UV-resistant coating.

Our coated artificial flowers are designed for outdoor use. Just walk around a cemetery and you will see how faded and wilted cemetery silk flowers become after only 2 months. Our coated silk flowers can last up to 1 year in all types of weather.

Using common sense we know that artificial silk flowers are delicate and not made for outdoor use. The weathering effects of driving rain, snow, extreme heat, dew, and the sun will deteriorate these delicate flowers in short order. If you arrange your own silk flowers purchased from Wal Mart or a craft store they will only last a few short months before the color fades out. Our UV coated outdoor artificial silk flowers will add color to your outdoor displays all year round.

Silk flowers are known to bleed out the color when it rains, staining flower boxes and cemetery stone vases. Our coated silk flowers will not bleed or leach out the color.

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Scientific Testing Results

Many silk flower Web sites claim their cemetery flowers will last with continuous outdoor exposure. Well, we have tested many of these flowers and found that they don't stand up to their claims. Because it's made of "Poly Silk", they say that they will last outdoors, but won’t say how long. If they do make a claim it is usually greatly exaggerated and has no scientific proof. We have proof!

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Outdoor Silk is responsible for any claims of outdoor use and durability of our UV coated products. Our importer or manufacturer is not liable for any such claims.
We have used poly silk flowers in our tests and all of our products are made of Florists quality poly silk. Almost all silk flowers manufactured nowadays are made of some type of poly silk. However when exposed to the Florida sun, the uncoated poly silk flowers fade out just as fast as any other silk flower. And using hair spray or Krylon spray just doesn't work. (See our FAQ page)

We have spent thousands of dollars on accelerated UV exposure tests on our coated flowers, and the photos below show the scientific results. Two identical rose petals were placed side by side. One was coated and the other petal was uncoated. They were exposed using a 2 inch circle simulating the noon day sun of Miami Florida for a one year period. Test photo results were taken every 3 months. The uncoated petals showed fading after 3 months. After 9 and 12 months, all the color had faded and turned white. The tests were conducted February 2005 by Solar Light, Inc., a leader in scientific accelerated ultraviolet simulation.