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A sign of aging is when you frequent Wal Mart as often as the local funeral home. Several years ago I was attending a funeral and noticed the many wilted and faded flowers at the cemetery. I thought there must be some type of silk flowers that last longer. I started the Google search and found nothing. I also found that there were no good alternatives, and a lot of false claims about the weathering ability of silk flowers.

So we started testing all the coating products from Home Depot, hardware stores and craft stores. Nothing worked well, all the coatings were too shiny and smelled like varnish. This started the quest for a durable, natural-looking coating. After three years of testing, we finally found a suitable UV block, flexible scented coating. Since silk flowers were never designed to be used outdoors, we decided to offer our coated silk products using the internet.

Our flowers are used in many ways, from cemetery use, to garden and landscaping of commercial properties. I personally find it very difficult to visit family members at the cemetery. But I would like to keep a nice looking display for family and friends that can visit often. If you are in need of our product, we know the sadness and sorrow that you feel, and hope that these flowers will ease the pain a little and be a lasting tribute to your loved ones.

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